Depression affects millions of people in the US, in fact an estimated one in 15 adults suffer from depression. The pain of dealing with depression can be overwhelming and very isolating. Even though there are many avenues of treatment and depression can be helped with therapy, sometimes patients have a hard time finding and adhering to a program that’s right for them. Looking for different ways to treat or manage your depression? 

Moodivator App Helps Depression Management

That’s why Pfizer developed the Moodivator app, to provide a resource to complement a patient’s treatment by providing motivation and daily reminders that help deal with depression. This free app is an important tool for patients that will help them monitor their depression on a daily basis and take an active role in their treatment.

Even small tasks can be frustrating and difficult for someone dealing with depression.

Patients feel overwhelmed and experience difficulty managing the details of their daily lives. With the Moodivator app patients have a set of helpful tools at their fingertips.

Moodivator App Helps Depression Management

The Moodivator app incorporates a number of simple features to help manage depression:

  • Goal setting: Ability to create customizable, manageable goals with clear action steps to help patients achieve them, which can be made across one or more categories, including work, home and family or social activities. Goals can be adjusted over time and turned into helpful habits as part of an ongoing routine.
  • Mood tracking: A simple scale lets patients track how they are feeling when it is convenient for them, whether multiple times a day or sporadically.
  • Sharing results: Opportunity for patients to share their goal progress with their care team, showcasing their progress through clear charts.

I found the app to be very useful in helping me organize my goals and track my moods. I love that you’re able to define your goals and then break each one down into steps that make it easier to focus. Seeing my progress and getting motivational reminders also make me feel better about big projects that feel overwhelming at first.

Moodivator App Helps Depression Management

And by tracking my moods I can start to see a clearer path to how my moods are connected to my everyday life. Being able to identify the little triggers that set off negative emotions gives me a much greater perspective on my feelings. The Moodivator app is a helpful tool for people who deal with depression and also for people like me who want a better view of how to track my emotions.

Moodivator App Helps Depression Management

This free app is now available for download to iPhones from the Apple App Store, at

Check out this video to see more on how Moodivator works.

The Moodivator app is not a treatment for depression and does not take the place of your doctor’s care or advice. This app also includes information about a prescription treatment option for depression.

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